R E S O U R C E S  F O R  C O U N C I L S 

L O C A L 

L I B R A R I E S 

New Zealand Chinese Language Week counts on our local libraries' support to reach our local communities. 


This support can be simply hosting an event  at your library. Ideas for an event include hosting a book reading or calligraphy class. 

For more ideas check out our events calendar here. 

C O U N C I L L O R 

S U P P O R T 

New Zealand Chinese Language Week has strong support around the country from local body politicians. 

If you would like to get take part in our social media campaign by taking part in the #5days5phrases challenge get in touch with us here.

How about hosting a Chinese-themed shared lunch during the week in the staff room?



L O C A L 

E V E N T S   C E N T R E  

Are you a local recreation centre, pool, sports centre or other activity hub? 

If you would like to host an event, you could run a martial arts class, or ping pong tournament. There are some more great ideas from the Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre here.


B I L I N G U A L  P O S T E R S  

Download our bilingual posters for display in your libraries, sports centres and community hubs. 

These posters are a great way to encourage your community to give Chinese a go. They are also a nice way to make Chinese visitors feel welcome in your region as we celebrate the China-NZ Year of Tourism in 2019. 


T R I L I N G U A L  U S E F U L  P H R A S E S  B R O C H U R E

Showcase our trilingual useful phrases brochure in your community centre or distribute to your tourism partners for display. 

Translated in te reo Māori, Mandarin and English, these phrases have been selected for their usefulness in the tourism sector. 

Dowload the concertina brochure here or email nzclw@nzclw.com to place an order.