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Eastern Courier's enjoyable Chinese learning experience


17 Oct 2017

Ni hao (hello), huan ying lai dao zhong wen zhou (welcome to Chinese Language Week).

For this week's official New Zealand Chinese Language Week, the reporters and news director of the Eastern Courier decided to learn some spoken Mandarin Chinese.

Learning simple expressions in an unfamiliar language that are commonly used in daily life can be satisfying, and they had a go at expressing themselves in the ancient Oriental language.

The very sporty Imogen Neale now knows how to say "I love horse riding" in Chinese - "wo ai qi ma".

Tarannum Shaikh says she's glad to be able to learn some Mandarin and finds it fun.

News director PJ Taylor, as a huge music fan, even takes up the role of tour guide, introducing one of his favourite places in East Auckland - Uxbridge Arts and Culture centre in Howick.

Their performances are highly commended by Chinese native language speaker Chantell Xie, who works at Uxbridge.

Xi wang ni xi huan wo men de shi pin, xie xie guan kan (enjoy the video, thanks for watching).​

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