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EventFinda | New Zealand Chinese Language Week 2018 Radio Programme

24 Sept 2018

Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM.

New Zealand Chinese Language Week Programme 2018.

On air:
- 25 September 2018 at 7 – 7.30pm
- 28 September 2018 at 9 – 9.30pm repeat

Programme planning, hosting, recording and audio editing: Susan Zou
Programme invitees: Meifang Zhang, teacher
Baobao, Huihui, Sufei, Miya, Xinxin and Zhuangzhuang, children

The New Zealand Chinese Language Week 2018 is held from 23 - 29 September. Wellington Access Radio has this special programme on air for the New Zealand Chinese Language Week 2018.

In June 2018, at the events of the Multicultural Children's Day and the Chinese Culture Week at Te Papa in Wellington, Yafeng Group organized 12 children performing a dance for the famous Tang poem “O Goose”, including showing of a Chinese goose painting, and reciting 7 Tang dynasty poems. These performances were well received by the audience.

For the New Zealand Chinese Language Week radio programme 2018, we invited teacher Meifang Zhang to introduce how to plan and train children’s dance and poem performances. We also invited 6 of the 12 children who performed to introduce how they study Chinese and learn Tang dynasty poetry; they will also recite Tang dynasty poems in the programme.

Please turn on your radio at frequency 106.1FM to listen to the programme.

You can also listen to the programme at Wellington Access Radio website as a podcast at

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