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NZ Herald | Rotorua Chinese language learners wanted for celebration speeches

Shauni James

23 Aug 2018

Those who have been learning how to speak Mandarin are encouraged to come forward and share their skill at a celebration of the language.

A NZ Chinese Language Week celebration and lunch is being held on September 23, 12pm to 2pm, at the Discovery Space in Rotorua Library.

The celebration will include a light lunch, performances, costumes, language activities and crafts.

People are asked to bring a small plate of food to share. It is a free event and no booking is required.


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Organiser Waitsu Wu invites members of the public who have learnt Mandarin to enrol for the informal speeches.

She encourages people to give the informal speeches a go because learning a new language need a lot of practice.

It is also not just learning a skill, but something interesting in your daily life to keep your brain alive, she says.

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"My students do not have many chances to speak to Chinese people until they can fluently speak it, and to reach this stage needs many years of constantly learning and practicing.

"I want to offer an encouraging occasion to people to practice the language rather than using it to compete.

"I will also support people who have enrolled by helping with their speeches, and the time limit is under three minutes."

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Waitsu says it is important to celebrate NZ Chinese Language Week because these days China has become one of the main trading countries with New Zealand and Chinese visitors are one of the major tourism resources.

"There are also many intermarriages with second or third generation history links with Chinese.


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"It is a way to highlight Chinese cultural history in New Zealand through the celebration of NZ Chinese Language Week."

Anyone who wants to do the Mandarin speech needs to register with Waitsu by September 3. Email her at or call (021) 025 43473.

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