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Queen's memorial day sparks week-long dumpling celebration

Maxine Jacobs - Stuff

23 Sept 2022

Fried, steamed or boiled, dumpling lovers are being called to gather for a taste of Aotearoa’s first national dumpling week.

International Dumpling Day which is normally celebrated on September 26, has been extended as Aotearoa plans to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

Over the last two years Chinese Language Week, organised by the New Zealand Chinese Language Week Trust, coincided with International Dumpling Day.

However, given the day has become a public holiday to mark the monarch’s passing, the Trust’s chairperson Jo Coughlan decided to hold a national dumpling week.

Coughlan encouraged friends and family to gather for a feast and practise using common phrases from China across the week-long celebration.

The Trust is also working with the Restaurant Association of New Zealand to encourage chefs around the country to try out a dumpling recipe in their restaurants, cafes, and eateries to get in on the festivities, and maybe win a cash prize.

Coughlan said restaurants can post a photo of their dumpling on social media with the hashtag #NZCLW, and go into the draw to win $888. The number eight is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture.

But Dumpling week was not only for eateries, Coughlan said, it’s for eaters too.
“We also ask the public to pitch in and vote for the most delicious-looking dumpling,” Coughlan said.
“Let us know on social media where you get your favourite dumplings.”
New Zealand’s Chinese Language Week and Dumpling Week will be held on September 25 to October 1.

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