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Jane Chi Tar

When and why did you start learning Chinese?

I started learning Chinese when I started Ormiston Junior College in 2019. I am of Chinese descent, my grandfather is full Chinese and he married a full Samoan, therefore had my father who is half Chinese and then my dad had us. I visited China in 2018 with my sister and we connected with our Chinese family which we were really privileged to experience.

What is the best thing about learning Chinese? What opportunities have you gained because of your Chinese learning?

So the best thing about learning Chinese language is I have some amazing people at Ormiston Junior college, who help me. My friend Ange has been able to support me and I also have been able to support the Chinese teachers through New Zealand Chinese Language Week. This year I am looking really forward to being a part of that and also going through my own journey.

What would you say to other Kiwis who are thinking about learning Chinese?

What I say to other people who are learning Chinese, I say give it a go even though I have a very small part Chinese I identify myself as being of Chinese descent and I am really really proud of it.

Do you have a favourite Chinese word or expression? Why do you like it?

My favourite Chinese word is "Ni chi me" which is do you like? I think that I try my best to use very small words like "zai jian", which is goodbye, "or gan ban" which is cheers, "zao shang hao" which is good morning. Using small phrases with my Chinese learners allows them to see that I am actually giving it a go.

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