Y O U T H  A M B A S S A D O R S

Meet our NZCLW Youth Ambassadors. These extraordinary high school students have show remarkable talent at learning a Chinese language, finishing in the top four places of the New Zealand Chinese Bridge Speech Competition. Our Ambassadors will represent New Zealand at the Chinese Bridge World Championships in China in October 2019.

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Victoria Talalelei Amani

Victoria Talalelei Amani - Year 12

Onehunga High School,


My name is Victoria Talalelei Amani and I am sixteen years old.


I’m a Year 12 student at Onehunga High School in Auckland.I was born and raised in my home country, Samoa. I moved to New Zealand three years ago. Now I call New Zealand my second home. Samoan is my first language and English is my second language with Chinese being my third Language.


I have been learning Chinese for more than three years now. Chinese has always been my best and favourite subject. I never knew I would be so passionate about learning Chinese.


My biggest achievement so far is coming third in the “Chinese Bridge” speech competition national final this year. I will represent New Zealand to compete in the 12th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition in China this October. I will continue learning Chinese. I believe learning Chinese will greatly benefit my future and I also want to be the bridge between New Zealand, China and Samoa.

Sameed Khan

Sameed Khan - Year 12

Rotorua Boys High School,


Hey! My name is Sameed Khan and I am a Year 12 student at Rotorua Boys’ High School.


I started learning Chinese when I was in Year 9 because I know that learning Chinese in this day and age in a country like ours was not only beneficial to me career-wise but to me as a person and my understanding of global citizenship.


Ever since then, I’ve put my effort into learning Chinese by trying to speak with other Chinese people, embracing different aspects of Chinese culture, learning Chinese songs and competing in Chinese speech and talent competitions for Chinese too. 

Jimah Ruland-Umata - Year 12

Rotorua Boys High School,


I started learning Chinese seven years ago (2012). I really wanted to learn the language to help out one of my Chinese classmates who was struggling in class due to his English ability. I thought that by learning Chinese, I’d at least be able to help him try and understand what was being taught. 

I’ve wanted to give up on the Chinese language because I thought it would be too hard for me. But I’ve had unexpected encounters and experienced opportunities of a lifetime, helping me remain certain in my choice to continue learning Chinese.

Because of my Chinese speaking ability, two grand opportunities have opened up for me. The first is that I now work as a guide and Chinese translator and get to meet people from all over the world everyday. Secondly, I get to represent New Zealand at the Chinese Bridge World Champions held in Henan Province later this year. 

Jimah is also a 2019 Mandarin Superstar.

Jimah Ruland-Umata

Neesha Dixon - Year 12

Wellington East Girls College,


Hi I'm Neesha Dixon, a year 12 student at Wellington East.


I've been learning Chinese since the beginning of high school and have participated in many different things thanks to my decision to learn Chinese such as Chinese lion dancing, calligraphy, tea ceremony and Chinese hot pot.


I've also had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Chinese Bridge speech competition since year 9, and this year am extremely grateful to have made it into the international round!

Neesha Dixon