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NZCLW Finishes Up With Dumpling Celebration

NZ Chinese Language Week

25 Sept 2020

The best way to experience another culture is through its food, and who doesn’t like dumplings? New Zealand Chinese Language Week celebrates multilingualism in New Zealand and recognises the advantages of learning Chinese in our increasingly globalised community. Now in its sixth year, the Kiwi-led initiative is being held across New Zealand between 20 - 26 September this year, and the theme is A Taste of New Zealand - celebrating the food and drink links between our Chinese and New Zealand cultures. The week is finishing with Dumpling Day - a chance to celebrate the delicious little food parcels and highlight some of the great producers of dumplings in New Zealand - or indeed any good Chinese food made with great New Zealand products.

New Zealand Chinese Language Week Trust chair Jo Coughlan says that while we aren’t able to travel between New Zealand and China at the moment, there is lots of shared history and culture - particularly food culture - to celebrate within New Zealand.

“We encourage the public and local business community to get involved. Grab some dumplings and post on social media using #NZCLW or #NZCLWDumplingDay hashtags.”

Jo says the trust hopes to help more Kiwis ‘give Chinese a go’ by taking part in an event, taking the #5Phrases5Days challenge, or eating some dumplings.

“It’s all about having fun and helping inspire New Zealanders to better understand and connect with our Chinese friends and partners.”

People can help crown New Zealand’s best dumplings by promoting for their favourite dumpling dishes. Simply post a photo of the dish and tag the restaurant with the hashtag #NZCLWDumplingDay on social media.

NZCLW also has resources designed to make it easier to practice helpful phrases provided by the trust through its website

There are helpful phrase guides and posters available to download from the NZCLW website, People can take part in the #5Phrases5Days challenge and post on social media using #NZCLW or #NZCLWDumplingDay hashtags.

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