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When did you start learning Chinese? What inspired you to take up the language?

2018, I enjoyed the challenge of learning something completely different. 

Tell us about your Chinese language learning journey? What has been the most unexpected or rewarding part of the experience?

The most rewarding part of my Chinese language learning journey has been all the opportunities, both personal and academic such as this which have come up.

What opportunities have opened up for you as a result of your Chinese speaking ability?

Participating in the international Chinese speech competition

What do you like most about the Chinese culture? 

Stories, myths, and legends. 

What are the most striking differences between Chinese and Kiwi culture?

The competitive and strict nature of schooling in China is not in New Zealand, here it is much more relaxed and is about each person succeeding in their own way. 

Why do you think other New Zealanders should learn Chinese? Do you have any tips for anyone thinking of taking up the language?

Try to speak as much as possible, and read basic things like kids’ picture books to help your understanding.

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