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你好 Nǐ hăo,

Wow, it’s been a busy month here at NZCLW HQ.

The team is continuing to work hard to bring to life all the amazing projects that make up New Zealand Chinese Language Week. One of which is telling the Chinese language learning journeys of New Zealanders through our Chinese Language Superstars programme.

Read on to find out more about this project, as well as some of the other exciting initiatives we are working on…

On Anzac Day recently, NZCLW paid tribute to the brave Chinese ANZACs who made a significant contribution to New Zealand’s history. ⁠Lest we forget.

There’s nothing more rewarding than receiving messages of support for New Zealand Chinese Language Week from community groups, businesses, schools, government officials, Ministers and Mayors.

We recently received a video from Mayor Moko Tepania, Mayor of the Far North District Council encouraging New Zealanders to ‘have a go’ at learning Chinese. The Far North District Council is proud to support NZCLW, not only because of the work we do in promoting linguistic and cultural connections across New Zealand but also because it has a professional relationship with the Liaoning Province in China.

If you would like to create a video of support for us, email us at and we will send you a few guidelines and script ideas.

You can watch, like and share Mayor Moko’s video of support message by clicking the link below.

Members of the NZCLW Trust recently met with the Hon. Priyanca Radhadkrishnan, Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector, Disability Issues, and Diversity, Inclusion and Ethnic Communities, at her office in Parliament.

They were grateful to have the opportunity to update the Minister on how the plans are shaping up for this year’s week of celebrations during 17 – 23 September…and all about Dumpling Day on Tuesday 26 September!

We’ve partnered up with the Life Education Trust again this year to bring NZCLW into the ‘Harold’ mobile classrooms. We’ve produced a series of posters for the Trust’s 45 primary school educators. These focus on communicating Chinese phrases around self-worth.

With Mental Health Awareness Week taking place shortly after NZCLW, Life Education has says it will use these posters as a springboard to explore wellbeing concepts – such as ‘I am important’ and ‘I am caring’.

You can find out more about the good work that Life Education Trust does by clicking on the button below.

Every year, we produce a childrens’ storybook translated into three languages, Chinese, Te Reo and English.

Our latest book is "Weka's Waiata," by Nikki Slade Robinson. We are thrilled to announce that we will be distributing free copies of this delightful book to primary schools and public libraries across the nation. If you would like a personal copy, the book will be available soon for purchase on our website.

While our team is hard at work bringing "Weka's Waiata" to life for NZCLW 2023, we invite you to explore our past treasures. Storybooks from previous years, in the three languages, are still available.

Feel free to browse our collection by clicking the link to our website below.

We are nearly all set for this year’s Five Days Five Phrases Challenge. And we’re excited to tell you that we have linked the five phrases to Dumpling Day. With a bit of daily practice (one phrase per day), not only will you be ready to enter our Five Days Five Phrases social media challenge later in the year, but you’ll also be able to order a serving of dumplings, say thank you and express how delicious they all – all with confidence!

We’ve put each of the five phrases onto a poster. You can download these and pin them up at home, at work or on the noticeboard at your community organisation. Or, simply share them online and across your social media – just remember to tag us!

The Five Days Five Phrases Challenge will be live for the whole of New Zealand Chinese Language Week. We’ll be inviting you to upload a short video of yourself rolling those five phrases right off the tip of your tongue. We’ll share your videos across all our social media platforms and at the end of the week we’ll pick a winner!

If you’re in the hospitality industry, we’d love to know what’s on the menu for Dumpling Day on Tuesday 26 September. The easy choice is dumplings, of course! But, it's up to you to get creative!

Dumpling Day is a great opportunity to generate some community camaraderie and add a Chinese or Dumpling twist to your everyday offerings. Now’s the time to think about how you’ll celebrate NZCLW and Dumpling Day with your customers, and your staff.

And if you tell us what you’re going to do, we’ll help you spread the word via our NZCLW events page on our website and across our social media platforms.

Click below to take a look at all the wonderful events that were held last year.

The regional events of the Chinese Bridge Speaking Competition, run by the three Confucius Institutes of Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury, are now complete.

Well done to every one who entered! And we look forward to welcoming new members to our 2023 Youth Ambassador team.

The ‘Chinese Bridge’ is a showcase of Chinese language skills by non-native Chinese speakers.

The deadline is fast approaching for applications for the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (NZ CAPE) services-sector study tour to China in August this year. This exciting opportunity is for emerging leaders in Aotearoa to participate in a funded study tour to China with a focus on the diverse services sector.

The participants will visit China-based representatives of NZ Inc., and local & New Zealand companies and organisations in Beijing, Shanghai, and Suzhou, including key subsectors such as tourism, international & tertiary education, film and tv production, social media & technology, advertising, and design.

Applications close at 5pm on 7 June 2023.

For more details, click the link below.

We’d love your help to spread the word about NZCLW's promotion of linguistic and cultural understanding. You can help by making sure you follow us across our social media platforms, share our posts and encourage your friends and colleagues to follow us too!

Xie Xie!

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